Newpubli (ISSN 2474-8242) is the first fifth-generation scientific journal

Newpubli provides a value rank for each article through peer review

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Features of Newpubli

1. Online.

2. Open access. Readers need not pay any fee for accessing the full-text of published articles.

3. Free publication. Authors need not pay any fee for open access publication.

4. Broad scope. Newpubli publishes articles from all fields of life sciences in its beginning years.

5. Solid peer review. Each article shall be reviewed by more than five experts before its formal publication.

6. New publishing model. Conventional journals spend much to select superior articles and reject inferiors for publication, while Newpubli publishes both superior and inferior articles, and ranks each article through solid peer review. Articles whose peer review ranks (PR-Ranks) are 3, 5 or 8 are rated to be largely as valuable as those published in some journals whose impact factors are 1.5–2.5, 3.5–4.5 or 10.5–20.5.

7. Very rapid. Publication of an article in Newpubli can start with uncorrected preprint abstract or uncorrected preprint. Consequently, Newpubli can publish the abstract of an article before the article has been completed.

8. All-benefited. Authors are benefited as their manuscripts will not be rejected for prejudiced peer review, and article value will be fairly and timely rated. The journal is benefited as it need not spend much in selecting superior articles and reject inferiors for publication. Readers are benefited as they can access all articles free of charge, and differentiate superior articles from inferior articles easily. The society is benefited as dissemination of novel peer reviewed research data shall be greatly facilitated.

9. Reviewer-respected. Peer reviewers have the chances to be promoted in honour (e.g., 5-Star Excellent Reviewers).

10. Owned by researchers. Many original shares of Newpubli shall be bestowed to authors and reviewers in a rational way.

Newpubli differs from Newpubli Express which is a journal subsidiary to Newpubli without peer review. Both Newpubli and Newpubli Express provide automatically three ranks for each article per post-publication citations.

For more information, please see About Us, FAQs, Editorial Policies, Newpubli Express.

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