Newpubli (ISSN 2474-8242) is the first fifth-generation scientific journal

Newpubli provides a value rank for each article through peer review

Reader Guide

1. Why should you read articles published by Newpubli or Newpubli Express?

     You may find some articles of your interests;

     You can access full text of all the articles;

     You can select the articles according to their value ranks;

     You can judge the value of the articles through your own knowledge and the value ranks of the article;

     You can make your comments on the articles;

     You will have chance to be awarded as an Excellent Reviewer.

2. How should you make comments on an article?

     You should have read Terms of Use before you make any comments.

     You should registered an account in Newpubli before you can make any comments.

     Then, please you go to the web page of the preprint or the article published by Newpubli or Newpubli Express, and submit your comments through the Comment module in the web page under the abstract of the preprint or article. You can find the web page of a preprint or article through Advanced Search in Newpubli.

     Your comments should be on the content of an article, rather than on the authors or any other people.

     You should avoid making prejudiced comments if you have competing interests with the authors or the relevant article.

     Your comments will be published immediately after you have submitted them online, and Newpubli Editorial Team has the right to retract them if neccessary.

3. Can you rate the PR-Rank of a preprint published by Newpubli?

     You can rate the PR-Rank of a preprint published by Newpubli If you have not been invited by Newpubli to rate the rank. However, your rating may be not accepted by Newpubli Editorial Team.

4. How does Newpubli score the performance of its readers?

     (1) A reader will gain 50 points if he or she has identified an ethical problem in the manuscript, and the problem has been accepted by the authors or Newpubli Editorial Team.

     (2) A reader invited by Newpubli Editorial Team will gain 10 to 50 points for each comment he or she has made on a preprint in a respect other than ethics, and the comment has been accepted by the authors or Newpubli Editorial Team.

5. What are the benefits of readers of Newpubli?

     A reader of Newpubli will be awarded one time as an Excellent Reviewer by the journal if he or she has accumulated every 500 points through making comments as a reader on preprints or articles;

     A reader of Newpubli will be promoted to a 3-Star or an N-Star Reviewer of the journal if he or she has been awarded for 3 or N times as an Excellent Reviewer;

     Any Excellent Reviewer qualifies to be an Academic Editor (AE) of Newpubli, if he or she is willing to fulfill the responsibilities of AEs of Newpubli.


     Last update: 02/01/2017


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