Newpubli (ISSN 2474-8242) is the first fifth-generation scientific journal

Newpubli provides a value rank for each article through peer review

Newpubli Express

1. Introduction

Newpubli Express (ISSN 2474-8250) is subsidiary to Newpubli because it utilizes the website, editorial team and editorial system of Newpubli.

In nature, Newpubli Express is an academic journal without peer review, but it is quite different from other academic journals without peer review mainly in that it gives three value ranks for each published articles through post-publication citation.

2. Advantages of Newpubli Express

(1) Articles of high value published by Newpubli Express shall be automatically highlighted with three value ranks, although this takes time;

(2) Manuscript shall be accepted or rejected within three days after submission;

(3) Manuscripts shall be formally published immediately after acceptance;

(4) Manuscripts shall not be rejected because of wrong peer review comments;

(5) Manuscripts shall not be rejected because they are assumed to be of limited value or technical unreliability;

(6) Authors need not pay any fee for open access publication;

(7) Authors shall have opportunities to revise their manuscripts after formal publication;

(8) Authors shall have chances to be awarded as an excellent author and selected as an academic editor of the journal;

(9) Authors can protect your copyright of your manuscripts provided they are accessible without any limitation.

(10) Readers can access the full text of articles free of charge;

(11) Readers can select some articles to read through the value ranks of articles;

(12) Readers can make comments on articles published by Newpubli Express.

3. Article value ranking in Newpubli Express

Different from other academic journals without peer review, Newpubli Express gives automatically each published article three value ranks, namely the OY-Rank, TY-Rank and FY-Rank, based on the times of being cited after publication. For example, if an article published by Newpubli Express has been cited by 2, 7 and 15 times within the first one, two and five years after publication, the OY-Rank, TY-Rank and FY-Rank of the article is 2 (=2/1), 3.5 (=7/2), and 3 (=15/5), respectively. These three value ranks can reflect the value of an article in a simple, clear and fair way, although they can not reflect the value in a timely way as they are not available until the relevant article has been published for one, two and five years, respectively.

Authors are encouraged to actively communicate with relevant researchers about their articles published in Newpubli Express, through meetings, blogs, emails, personal talks, etc., so that their articles published by Newpubli Express will be of more opportunities to be known and cited.

4. Other information

Newpubli Express is of the same mission, scope, acceptance criteria, restriction of authors, requirements about open access, copyright, data and material sharing, and requirements about publication ethics and article format, with the journal of Newpubli. Authors, reviewers and readers of Newpubli Express can obtain scores and be awarded in the ways similar to those of Newpubli. Newpubli Express is different from Newpubli only in peer review and article value ranking. For more information, please see Editorial Policies.

Please see Author Guide for information about preparation of manuscripts for publication in Newpubli Express.

Last update: 01/02/2016


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