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Preparation of Transparent and Stained Casting Specimens of Rabbit Livers

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Sheng Du, Chen Gong, De-Zhi Meng, Ze-Hua Mou, Xi-Feng Cui, Fang-Zheng Li
Author Affiliation(s)

College of Animal Science and Technology, Qingdao Agricultural University,Qingdao, 266109, China

Corresponding Author(s)
Fang-Zheng Li (E-mail:
Subject Areas
Anatomy; Clinical examinations; Hematology; Histology; Internal medicine; Veterinary medicine

Preparation of transparent and stained casting specimens is useful in accurately understanding the vessels and segments in organs. In this study, we prepared epoxy resin of different color and filled the resin into hepatic portal veins and hepatic veins of fresh rabbit livers. Then the livers were treated for transparency serially using formalin, hydrogen dioxide, gradient alcohol, potassium hydroxide, and glycerol. The resultant transparent stained casting live specimens clearly showed the distribution of internal vessels and external structures of hepatic portal veins and hepatic veins. This method can be also applied for preparation of transparent and stained casting specimens of other organs for education and research.

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