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Visualized Protocols for Inoculation of Chicken Chorioallantoic Membrane and Preparation of Chicken Embryo Fibroblasts

Rong-Qiang Xu, Jian-Min Yu, Su-Chun Wang, Ji-Ming Chen
Author Affiliation(s)
China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center, Qingdao, 266032, China
Corresponding Author(s)
Ji-Ming Chen (E-mail:
Subject Areas
Animal production and utilization; Anatomy; Biological engineering; Embryology; Infectious diseases; Molecular and cellular biology; Veterinary medicine; Virology

Inoculation of chicken chorioallantoic membrane and culture of chicken embryo fibroblasts have been widely used in virus research and vaccine production. These two techniques are relatively complicated, and the relevant easy-to-learn visualized protocols have not been available. We established these two techniques for culturing fowl poxvirus, and prepared the visualized protocols related to these two techniques. The visualized protocols shall facilitate the relevant training and virus research.

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