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Socioeconomic Analysis of Avian Influenza in China

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Shuo Liu, Su-Chun Wang, Wen-Ming Jiang, Ji-Ming Chen
Author Affiliation(s)
China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center, Qingdao, 266032, China
Corresponding Author(s)
Ji-Ming Chen (E-mail:
Subject Areas
Agricultural economics; Animal production and utilization; Economics; Epidemiology; Infectious diseases; Management; Political science; Public health; Veterinary medicine; Virology

Avian influenza of multiple subtypes, such as H5N1, H7N9 and H9N2, has become a heavy burden of poultry industry and public health in China for multiple years. This scenario is of complicated socioeconomic roots and impacts. In this report, we analyzed the socioeconomic roots and impacts of avian influenza in China with respect to its emergence, transmission, prevention and control. The analysis is of significance for us to understand the difficulties in the prevention and control of the disease, design better strategies for the prevention and control of the disease, and predict the future development of the disease in China.

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