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Role of Percutaneous Image Guided Biopsy of Spleen in Aiding Diagnosis of Intra-Abdominal Sarcoidosis: a Case Report

Taimur Abbasi, Huda Arif, Gaurav Sharma
Author Affiliation(s)
Department of Internal Medicine, Mercy Hospital & Medical Center, Chicago, IL60616, USA
Corresponding Author(s)
Taimur Abbasi (E-mail:; Gaurav Sharma (E-mail:
Subject Areas
Clinical Clinical examinations; Clinical medicine; Diagnostic medicine; Internal medicine; Medical imaging

Sarcoidosis is a multisystem inflammatory disease of unknown etiology. The lungs and the lymphoid system are the most commonly involved. Extra-pulmonary involvement is reported in approximately 30% of sarcoidosis patients, and the abdomen is the most common extra-pulmonary site with a frequency of 50%–70%. In this report we present a case of intra-abdominal sarcoidosis in which splenic biopsy was deemed necessary to make diagnoses after all other noninvasive modalities of diagnosis were exhausted. The biopsy was performed safely despite widely held views in regards to its associated complications, illustrating a need to revise long-held impressions about the safety and utility of this diagnostic technique.

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