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Newpubli provides a value rank for each article through peer review

Ready to receive manuscripts

Dear all,

      We are pleased to announce that Newpubli is ready to receive and publish manuscripts now. We shall upgrade this website in the coming days and months, and we wish you could report any bugs to us through email (

      We are looking forward to your submissions, and you shall obtain scores and original shares of Newpubli for publishing articles in Newpubli. If your manuscript is well written, but not in correct format, we can revise its format for you. 

      We can accept and publish your articles as preprints before you have completed them (but their abstracts should have been well written and their supporting data should have been well described, and here is a mock example)

      You are more than authors due to publishing manuscripts in Newpubli. You are pioneers in the revolution of academic publishing for a much better future.


      Newpubli Editorial Team


2016-01-07 16:51:05

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