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Design of the First Fifth-Generation Academic Journal

Ying-Xue Sun, Ji-Wang Chen, Ji-Ming Chen
Author Affiliation(s)
China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center, Qingdao, 210095, China (Ji-Ming Chen, Ying-Xue Sun); Department of Medicine, Section of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep and Allergy Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL60612, USA (Ji-Wang Chen)

Corresponding Author(s)
Ji-Ming Chen (E-mail:;

Subject Areas
Communication & publishing; Management; Computer software; Internet; Measurement


Academic journals have evolved over four generations in recent decades. First-generation journals are printed on paper and accessible only to subscribers. Second-generation journals are electronic and also accessible only to subscribers. Third-generation journals are electronic and open access. Fourth-generation journals, such as PLoS One, PeerJ, SpringerPlus and F1000Research, are electronic and open access with post-publication rating, having partially removed the negative effect of peer review. Nevertheless, the inherent conflict between authors and journals remains unchanged; namely, authors are reluctant to publish their articles of high value in journals of low impact, and journals of high impact are reluctant to publish articles of low value. This conflict has frustrated both authors and editors for many years. To resolve this problem, we have designed the first fifth-generation academic journal, Newpubli (an abbreviation of New publication). Newpubli comprises nine sub-journals (similar to sections of a journal) that publish articles rated through robust peer review to be as valuable as articles published in other journals whose impact factors are 0–0.5, 0.5–1.5, 1.5–2.5, 2.5–3.5, 3.5–4.5, 4.5–5.5, 5.5–10.5, 10.5–20.5 or ³20.5. Consequently, authors of most articles need not worry about their work being rejected or underestimated. Some other innovations, such as providing value ranks for each published article, setting five stages of peer review, bestowing proper honors (e.g., 5-Star Excellent Reviewer) and 40% shares in the journal to authors and reviewers, no charging for open access publication, have also been integrated into the journal. With these innovations, Newpubli shall be not only developed for researchers, but also owned by researchers, and it shall reform the traditional slow, stressful, expensive and prejudiced process for publication.

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  • Comments #8      2016-02-24 10:33:36    
    Some editorial policies of Newpubli, including those regarding publication stages and peer review stages, have been updated, and so they are different from those described in this article.
  • Comments #7      2016-01-30 10:51:10    
    Readers have raised various questions on Newpubli, and the answers to these questions are given in a pdf file at:
  • Comments #6      2016-01-29 14:37:49    
    Response to 2016-01-17 18:28:09 Thanks! The second batch of manuscripts shall be published as preprints in Feb., 2016.
  • Comments #5      2016-01-17 18:28:09    
    The Newpubli has flashed my eyes. I am willing to receive and to see new publications on this platform.
  • Comments #4      2016-01-17 17:38:05    
    It is a wonderful and original idea, I never heard before, to issue a journal with so updated style. More importantly, it provides a rational and hopeful solution to the bewildering problems met by all the participants in scientific field. A little step further in the information media always impacts science development and human culture greatly.
  • Comments #3      2016-01-17 13:14:31    
    Very good idea about the new fifth generation journal. I rate it 3 is only because this is not an academic paper, its value can not be measured by this ranking system.
  • Comments #2      2016-01-11 18:59:18    
    The policies of Newpubli described in this article may have been optimized (changed), or be optimized in future.
  • Comments #1      2016-01-11 18:53:26    
    This preprint is being proofread in grammar by International Science Editing.
  • Comments #9      2015-11-17 15:06:32    
    This article has been published several times in October and November of 2015 to test this web site. (Commented by Newpubli Editorial Team)

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